About us

About Rajput Fitness

Rajput Fitness was established in 2001 with a singular vision of providing world class fitness solutions to all the individuals. With best of the product line, great environment and qualified professional staff, Rajput not only changed the rules of the game, it gave the otherwise unorganized fitness industry fair amount of stability.

At Rajput fitness is not about great body alone; it is about healthy body and healthy mind. In other words, at Rajput we believe in overall wellness of an individual. We believe in creating an environment where fitness becomes part of an individual’s life style, where fitness is worshiped like a religion.

Today Rajput has thirteen full service fitness centers offering range of services to its members. Apart from fitness solutions, Rajput Centers also offer alternate fitness therapies in the form of Ayurveda, Aerobics, Spa’s etc. All the centers have state of the art training equipments, great environment and qualified trainers who help you achieve all your fitness goals.

Rajput is now aiming to provide quality fitness solution at an affordable price in the form of neighborhood fitness centers. This is a step to give organized structure to local fitness centers and enroll them in the growth process. This is the need of the hour as individuals are getting increasingly aware about their fitness needs and requirement but at the same time they want quality services. Keeping in mind the competitive market environment, the individuals are looking for options which are available in the market at economical prices.

To counter this, Rajput is now embarking on a new journey. With Rajput-Active Fitness, the company has opened up avenue for thousands of young minds with entrepreneurship skills and qualities to become a part of the growth story. Rajput Active is an affordable quality solution for fitness freaks and a smart business idea for everyone.